Funnier Than a Magician!  More Amazing Than a Comedian!

FUN!  AMAZING!  UNFORGETTABLE!  Dan Paulus mixes award winning sleight of hand magic with pseudo mind reading, unusual escapes, and intense audience interaction for a unique experience that will have your guests becoming willing co-stars in this award winning show! An Interactive Comedy Magic Show!  Members of your group will steel the show as Dan gently guides them down a hilarious path of unpredictable mayhem!  

Click below to see video of one of Dan's client's company parties.

 C A L L   T O   B O O K !   8 0 1 . 7 0 8 . 4 8 6 8

“Wow!  That’s incredible!  You’re very good!”  

-Actress Lisa Kudrow, FRIENDS


"Thanks Lisa, I'll probably quote you on that."

      - Dan Paulus, Utah's funniest magician.

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