A hilarious, tongue in cheek illusion where Dan saws through a member of the audience with a Black & Decker Electric Saber Saw - and you get to choose who! (Admit it, you have someone in mind right now, don't you.)

This is one of several feature illusions that will highlight your event.  We could also tie the boss up in a Straight Jacket, produce a key note speaker from a house of cards, or let the new guy face the Head Chopper of Happiness!

Your audience will be kept laughing and amazed as Dan mixes award winning sleight of hand magic with pseudo mind reading, unusual escapes, and intense audience interaction for a unique experience that will have your guests becoming willing co-stars in this award winning show!



"That thing scared the s#!* out of me!"    - An otherwise extremely brave and courageous fireman who wishes to remain anonymous.

"We've seen Dan's show three times now, and would see it again in a heartbeat!  We always leave mystified and laughing our butts off!" 

- C. StClair, Aloha Nutrition

"He was fabulous!  Not only did he really involve the audience, he also had us laughing and enthralled during his entire performance. Everyone said they had a great time."

– S. Syphus, Your Fringe Benefits, Provo, Utah